About us

Our history

Founded in 1991

Rich Mc Farms Ltd. – Simmental Cattle started in 1991, when Mylia Richards and Jason McLean were married, and Simmentals came with the marriage. In 1997, Jason and Mylia concentrated on Full Fleckvieh Simmental genetics, this was followed by polled Full Fleck genetics in 2000.

Rich Mc Ms Eisneherz 4L went on to be a prominent cow in a number of polled genetic lines, as did other RMC tattoo animals.

Our History

Expanded & Diversified

When BSE hit in 2003, we expanded our operation and became an embryo transplant facility. With Mylia being a veterinarian and working for an embryologist veterinarian and Jason doing the cattle handling and AI-ing , it was a good fit.

Since live animals could not cross the border, four prominent American breeders purchased donor prospects in Canada, and housed them on our farm to produce embryos.

These embryos were exported to the USA and Brazil. The first beef sexed semen used in Canada was used on a flush at the farm with these embryos being sold to Brazil.

Rich Mc Farms - Family
Rich Mc Farms - Grandpa
Rich Mc Farms - Round Up
Rich Mc Farms - Round Up Show
Our history

The Farm today

Our daughter Avery participated in 4-H with her Simmental steers and continuation heifers. In 2010, while Avery was becoming an accomplished Canadian Age Group swimmer, we continued improving and breeding Full Fleckvieh Simmentals, but we took a step back from actively marketing in order to travel with her to daily practices in Winnipeg and to swim meets across Canada and the USA.

During this time we particularly concentrated on genetics, specifically polled lines. Now, with Avery attending University in the USA on an academic and swimming scholarship, our quest continues in pursuit of producing the ideal polled animal.


First 4-H Simmental steer. Was a result of first females purchased in 1978 by Laurie and Shirley Richards and Family Simmentals (Mylia’s parents).


Purchased first full Fleckvieh Simmentals at Fleck Fest- Richmond MissBaltimore 75G (RTJM 75G) and Richmond Miss Moses 77G (RTJM 77G) a well as MRLN Mimi – all went on to be founding cow lines.


Purchased Riverbend Contract 323F – founding Full Fleckvieh Simmental herd bull.


Purchased JB Jola 29J – founding cow line.


Sold Rich Mc Miss Eldorado 2K (RMC 2K) to Anchor T Simmentals.

Sold Rich Mc Katie 33K (RMC 33K) to Schweitzer Simmentals.

Sold Rich Mc Miss Pablo 21K (RMC 21K) to Gist Simmentals.


Sold Rich Mc Ms Mainstream 3L (RMC 3L ) to Kopp Farms.

Sold Rich Mc Ms Eisenherz 4L (RMC 4L) to Cherry Creek Simmentals. Cow is found in a number of polled bloodlines today.


Purchased Gist Ms Royal Klondike 9L (SJLG 9L) – Founding cow line. 


Sold Rich Mc Miss Contract 28L(RMC 28L) – Miss Moses cow family – to Ferme Gagnon.

Rich Mc Eisenherz 9M born - founding cow.

Rich Mc Ms Union 24M - (RMC 24M) – sold to Anchor D Ranch.

Rich Mc Ms Pablo 37M (RMC 37M ) sold to Virginia Ranch.


Rich Mc Sweet Netar 18N (RMC 18N) – sold to Ricochet Stock Farms.

2008 - 2010

Continued breeding but not actively marketing.

2018 to present

Back active again - purchased Starwest Ember CKCW 314E

We have the power, length, good footed and uddered, color and temperament genes. Now, we want to bring all those together into one show stopping homozygous polled animal.

Are you ready for this?