On the Farm

About our Management

We are grass and cattle farmers on some of the most fertile land in Manitoba. We are stewards to the land and the environment, utilizing rotational grazing on 5-10 acre paddocks to allow rest to the land and re-growth of the pastures.

All water sources to the livestock come from wells or are pumped from fenced dugouts into holding tanks to protect riparian areas and waterways. This also improves animal and foot health.

Extensive Vaccine Program

All animals are on an extensive vaccine and internal/external parasitic program.

Grass & Hay Fed Year-Round

Our pastures are native and seeded of rye grass, orchard, fescue and timothy. Our winter feed is produced off seeded hay ground of alfalfa, orchard, rye grass and timothy,

Winter Calving

Typically we calve in January and February and wean in early September.

Strong Cull Program

If any animal gives us an excuse to cull them, they are gone. Life is too short to have problems.

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